About your mix

MueslibyDzine is a first in South Africa and follows hot-on-the-heels of global trends to access great food and a quality lifestyle. It’s all about choice, nutritious ingredients, versatility, convenience, fun and flavour. Whether you’re able to enjoy precious family time around the breakfast table or if you need to grab something good and eat on the go, you can savour the goodness of your own MueslibyDzine. Shop online to select and combine your unique mix of MueslibyDzine, designed for you, by you. The possibilities are endless but one thing’s for sure and that is that you’ll love every combination you ever try. Remember that it’s possible to match your health and personal needs, with items suitable for eating programmes that are Kosher, Halaal, gluten-free, lactose-intolerant, vegan and banting-friendly.

Dzine your own muesli by first selecting your preferred type of muesli base. Mix and match as you please, blending base ingredients and your choice of power-up base options. Then, top off your unique MueslibyDzine with a variety of fruits, nuts and treats to add zest, flavour and vitality.

  • Your muesli mix starts off with a 960-gram base; as you add other items, the base content and cost adjusts accordingly, but your mix is always 960 grams.
  • For example, after starting with a 960-gram base, if you add 100 grams of fruit, your muesli base will drop to 860 grams, with your overall mix still at 960 grams.
  • If you then add 100 grams of treats, you’ll end up with a 760-gram muesli base, with your overall mix still at 960 grams.
  • Our online shopping tools automatically adjust your mix and show you how much you need to pay for your unique dzine.

Muesli by dzine