5 reasons why you should be including freeze dried fruit in your diet

What does instant coffee powder and mueslibydzine breakfast have in common? They both make use of an effective freeze drying process to preserve their ingredients. Freeze dried fruit holds nutritional value that one simply cannot get from dried or preserved fruits. There are so many benefits, the list is endless. Mueslibydzine has come up with five evidence-based reasons why you should be including freeze dried fruits in your diet.

Mueslibydzine values freeze dried fruits so much, that they are in fact the only manufacturer in South Africa that produces their own freeze dried fruit products.

  1. A nutritional explosion
    Freeze dried fruits keep the nutrients intact
  2. Antioxidant and fibre kick
    Freeze dried fruit contains high concentrates of antioxidants and fibre
  3. Sulphites free fruit
    No sulphites are added to freeze dried fruit because the freezing process allows the fruit to be preserved in its natural state
  4. On-the-go friendly
    Freeze dried fruit is very light weight and perfect for work snacks or an on-the-go breakfast
  5. Quick and easy to match your lifestyle
    Freeze dried fruit can be cooked and rehydrated in a matter of minutes

The freeze drying process works by flash freezing preservative-free fruit and placing it into a vacuum which causes the water particles to evaporate. Due to the evaporation process, the fruit does not need to be refrigerated and can be kept for long periods of time in an air tight container.

When milk is added to the fruit, it does not only rehydrate the fruit but it adds flavour to the milk, ensuring that you have a tasty, wholesome and healthy breakfast.

Mueslibydzine not only offers a variety of freeze dried fruits but you can also tailor make your breakfast muesli to the fruits, nuts and treats that work for you and your taste buds.

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