Ten Reasons Why Our Muesli is Magic!

Mueslibydzine offers muesli products that are delicious, nutritional and packed with goodness! We search far and wide around the globe to source the best quality ingredients we can find and we use suppliers with state-of-the art production and manufacturing facilities. This makes our muesli the ideal breakfast and a hearty snack, day or night. When you indulge yourself with Mueslibydzine, you get the following benefits:

  1. Delicious-tasting muesli, ready-mixed or tailor made to suit your own personal taste
  2. Muesli, seeds, nuts, freeze-dried fruit and treats that provide vitamins, proteins, minerals, dietary fibre and trace elements
  3. A balanced source of energy-giving carbohydrates from our muesli range
  4. Top quality and nutritional freeze-dried fruit, ensuring 100% pure fruit content with no additives, no preservatives and no artificial flavours
  5. A choice of eye-catching packaging with a variety of fun, healthy and quality ingredients
  6. The freedom and security of our online shopping site, letting you choose exactly what you want
  7. The convenience of our trusted courier service, getting your order delivered to your door quickly and hassle-free
  8. The chance to join international trend-setters, shopping online for your choice of quality food products and the opportunity to share this concept with friends and family through our easy-to-use voucher system
  9. Detailed nutritional information and certificates showing which of our products are IFS, BRC, free-trade, organic, gluten-free, Kosher and Halaal compliant
  10. Join our on-line community and enjoy the convenience of our on-line shop

Muesli by dzine